Friday, October 25, 2013

Epic Fantasies in Anime

Because of how complex the epic stories are it's hard to find series in this style and even less that are really good because many times they overdo it having a very pretentious tone or making them too complex and hard to watch. Fortunately I'll recommend you two series that have all in its stories in just measure balancing thes tories between personal and epic developing a fantastic world vaery fascinating and complete. These two series are Berserk and Juni Kokki which despite telling stories with different goal they share a memorable story and characters developed in detail.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Mapping Imaginary Worlds

This is a map that I drew for my upcoming Twelve Kingdoms trilogy. It's on my mind because I just returned from a conference that my editor for this trilogy (Peter Senftleben, Kensington Press) also attended. Not only dig he take me and the hubs out for an amazing seafood dinner, but he also told me they want to include the map in the books.

So very, very cool!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Top 50 Anime

Well it's been nearly two years since I last updated my Top 50 Anime list - a ridiculous amount of time to leave it untouched really.I decided to completely redo the list, it is remarkable how you can completely change your mind about a show after a while - some shows went up in my estimation, some went down and I had two years worth of new shows to cram in somewhere too!But I did it and now

But I didn't want to lose some of the entries so here's what's out and what's in.